A long-term relationship that simplifies contacts and saves time

More that five years of cooperation and successful recruitment processes means that Berendsen and Finnveden Executive now have established a personal, confident and efficient business relationship.

Berendsen is a market-leader in textile, hygiene and facilities services, offering complete linen hire and laundry services for many different purposes. We supply textiles for a wide range of professional uses, such as workwear, wipes, mats, mops, bed and bathroom linen and hygiene equipment. Our customers include hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies. Since 2017, Berendsen is part of the listed French Elis Group, a leading partner of choice within this product segment in Europe and Latin America.

”The Group has a total of some 46,000 employees, of whom 1, 350 at Berendsen in Sweden”, says HR Director Lars Hansson.


A smart way of working

Berendsen has a long-established cooperation with senior consultant Roger Johansson at Finnveden Executive.

”We engage Finnveden Executive for the recruitment of managers and specialists, such as plant managers and chief buyers, mainly when we need assistance with the professional search process, because we do not have this expertise ourselves.”


It started when Lars Hansson became interested in the working process at Finnveden Executive. ”They ask their candidates to write down their bio in connection with their interviews. I think this is a smart way of working as you have to be able to describe yourself and your life there and then, using your own words. There is no one else who can influence you. I decided to try Finnveden Executive several years ago, which led to a long-term business relationship.”


A mutual understanding of operations

As is often the case in business relationships, it is about chemistry. Not just between people but also between organizations. In Lars Hansson’s opinion, Berendsen and Finnveden Executive are two organizations that understand each other.


”I feel that Roger has a thorough understanding of our operation and processes also on a personal level. He has visited our company so many times now and it feels like we are getting on very well together. Then, of course, the dialogue becomes much simpler. Roger is very well acquainted with our company and it seems natural that he will know where to look for and find new employees who will also feel at home here. By working closely together with Roger we simplify the whole recruitment process, shorten the lead times and avoid wasting time and efforts on a lot of unnecessary details. This creates confidence.”


But that doesn’t mean either party is leaning back. With healthy competition, the dynamics are maintained.

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